So owning Pathfinder Blood and Fiends* (and loving it) means i’m a bit under whelmed with the options for Tieflings in the 5E PHB (as in none). So i present a set of sub race options. Essentially the main bits are the same but they all have different spells (replacing the standard 3) and Attribute […]


When next was announced i was intrigued. Then i played the first playtest and was not. Basically lost interest overnight and gave up on 5e. When the previews started coming out my interest picked up again and i preorded the starter and just picked up the PHB from Patriot games which happens to be a […]


So we decided to run the D&D starter set last week. We had been planning a star wars game but there was a TPK in the first session. Imagine that! technically the characters are KO not dead, so i can bring that game back whenever i want. Can’t see me playing much other than D&D […]


So after a few more days i’m revisiting this: In 5E’s favour • Advantage rules rather than lots of +- to refer to • Attack bonus and AC on lower scales so all monsters are useful at all levels • Skills default to attributes, with simple bonus rather than ever increasing skills and skill DCs […]


I have tonnes of Pathfinder books but due to lack of time and complex nature of game rarely get to run it, and certainly not past first few sessions. Partly the issue is that I feel I need system mastery to GM it but there is too much system to master. On the other hand […]


So another session, a different set of players( well combination of) and another crazy way of playing. Gotta write this up quick… This time me and M were using my new XBox One to skype to B who was at home. That worked very well. M was v amused by the Kinect focusing on here […]


So back to me and B, but S joined in. He sarted making a shifter character while we wrote the fronts and randomly generated towns using grim world, but then he realised some powers needed to come from GM so we binned that and he made a coffin bearer. We filled in the bonds, race […]


Different players in second game, the missus (M) She decided on a thief, annoyingly a halfling. Called Sketch I opened with “you are hanging upside down outside a building, why?” Turns out sketch was casing the marequessa’s mansion over the street. Guarded by only a few guards (her choice) and Guard Hippos (actually a very […]


So i’ve been playing dungeon world over the last 2 weeks and managed 4 sessions. These won’t be actual play write-ups as I don’t have the time or the memory, so just an idea of what went down. Session 1. B and I decided to try collaborative GMing (see this article from Gnome Stew) for […]


So i finally finished a dungeon world class (And started another). Took me like a week, and some issues with Word (and misplacing a pen drive) but they are up for viewing on google drive: The marksman  Basically a way of making most of the ADC champions from league of legends. The Master assassin : […]

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many […]

From rpg.net : http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?714817-Fantasy-FATE-or-Dungeon-World Should really have blogged this…an interesting conundrum! So i’ve played a few games of FATE Freeport with the missus, but it isn’t ‘zinging yet’. The style of game i’m looking for is pretty standard D&D (but not in D&D). Dungeons, monsters, wilderness adventures, helping villagers… As mentioned in another post, with only […]

So i did it again. Lots of posts (was on holiday) then nothing. Quick summary: I actually did finish the 13th age game…A whole 10 sessions. wow! The autumn term then consisted of finishing that, then a few card games, then being busy. XBONE released and i bought that and most of the games. Yes […]


Parademons (mob of) Team d[6][6][6] Unthinking Obedience Apokoliptian Shock-troops Mob Traits (Power armour) Armour d8 Flight d6 Attack d6 Blast d8 SFX: immunity: life support. Limit: Mob Cohesion If you want singles, use solo d6 or d8, but i think they work better as a mob. They area better than average mob due to powers.


Because you asked for it: Darkseid Solo [d12][d12] Buddy [d8] Team [d10][d10] (should make him more powerful!! similar to Thanos) Ruler of Apokolips Greatest threat in the cosmos Legions of followers Apokoliptian God Godlike Stength d12 Godlike Stamina d12 Godlike Durability d12 SFX: Immunity: Life Support, Aging. SFX: Invulnerable (see MHR) SFX: Power attack. Step […]


This comes from a suggestion on rpg.net about using EoE for an Indiana Jones Game. And having just completed Tomb Raider and reading EoE i thought this was a great idea. The idea is to to stick to EoE as much as possible to basically run as is. There will be 2 time periods, basically […]


Hmmm, its actually only been about 3 weeks since I last posted. seems longer. The 13th Age campaign has managed 5 sessions! that beats the 3 i did for WFRP 3e earlier in the year, and pretty much and other RPG for the last…erm, since Uni (1994-7). After the starter game, 2 normal sessions ripping […]

hackers numenera

I Preorded Numenera (because it looked interesting and i thought it would be cheaper) I Read Numenera (and it was interesting) I am Hacking Numenera (Because i feel like it! And the sytem is iffy) Cortex plus, specifically Heroic, actually seems to lend itself better to Numenera than the system MC has designed. Well, in […]


I run Pathfinder on and off. I always start super excited and then get bored (thats all games actually). Here’s it’s because everything thing seems so samey – characters all roll d20 to hit, roll the same dice, do the same things. Throw some wizards in and then the opposite happens. Same with monsters. Start […]


After discussing what is beyond the dragon empire here, i decided to compare the scale of the dragon empire to the Inner Sea Region (pathfinder). It seems quite big, and can’t fit. However. There is space in Golarion! Okay, so it won’t quite fit…but it’s close. Just have to move the Castrovin sea a bit! […]


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