Naruto – statted

Naruto Uzumaki (circa early Shippuden)

Leaf Village NinjaNever quits (Loyalty)
Number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja
Makes friends easily

solo d10
buddy d8
Team d6

Ninja training
Shuriken – Weapon [d6]
Weapon [d10] Rasengan
Shapechanging[d8]Sexy Jutsu, shadow clones,
Superhuman Reflexes [d10] Shadow clone Jutsu

SFX-Giant Rasengan- Step up Rasengan to D12. After action step down to d8 until can recover through opportunity or transition scene.

SFX- Shadow Clone Jutsu- Area attack – Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit – Conscious Activation – If stressed out, asleep, or unconscious,
shutdown ninja training. Recover Ninja Training when stress is recovered or you awake.

Nine Tailed Fox
Enhanced Stamina and durability [d8] Nine Tails chakra
(variable) Chakra Blast, Weapon, speed and Strength[d4] Nine Tails cloak -no tails!

SFX – More tails – step up Nine Tails cloak, add new die to doom pool, keep new die until end of scene.

Limit – Anger fuels the nine Tails. Naruto cannot access the nine tails cloak or chakra until he has taken stress of some sort. Upon taking d8 mental or emotional stress, the first tail will automatically activate (adding a die to the doom pool)

Limit – The fourth tail – If nine tails cloak is stepped up to D12, take one last action, then watcher takes control of Naruto who will now attack anyone, friend or foe.

Acrobatics Expert
Combat Expert
Covert Expert

Thoughts- could easily change the affiliations. But i think he tends to be useless in a crowd, okay with one other and then best when hes the last man standing .
I have tried to replicate the use of the nine tails chakra making naruto more powerful, while causing more collateral damage and eventually losing control

He doesn’t stick to 20 dice, but then i was replicating a character not creating a new one.


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