Hacking Mass Effect

I think i’ve done 6 conversions for mass effect. Started off about 2 years ago looking at some SW, Saga and d6 conversions but wasn’t keen on any. I think is started with a Mutants and Masterminds conversion, but it was so much hassle emulating the powers. And then the d20 seemed to be doing all th work.

Next i tried an old cortex conversion. It looked nice. But in playtests characters without high agility got shot to pieces by characters with high attacking stats. So i tried FATE. It was simple, and what i would have played, but others things came up and it all got put to one side.

Then cortex+ started coming out. And after getting leverage i hacked it to ME and even played it properly for a few sessions. It worked fine. I might actually put up that hack for people who prefer Leverage to…

Marvel. I am loving Marvel. In my opinion it is the best and most flexible iteration of Cortex+. And you get to roll buckets of dice which keeps my wife (and her 23+ sets of dice) happy. So i Got my files and altered them again to do ME. Initially i went with values (smallville) instead of affiliations, and two power sets.

But after reading some other hacks, i changed my mind, and so created my 6th hack for mass effect. and that is the one that i will posting here bit by bit, and sticking in a PDF if i can work out how to host it.

Thaks to everyone that (probably unwittingly) inspired my various hacks, either through posts, blogs or their own hacks. If i remember i think i’ll add you all in a post.

And next…Hacks for other things. Fantasy and Eclipse Phase are top of the list. And hopefully i’ll write a conversion guide for savage worlds, D&D and FATE…but i do have an actual job is should be doing. And a 4-mnth old to play with!


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