Eclipse Phase Thoughts

So, how might i go about hacking eclipse phase? My initial thoughts are that the 7 aptitudes need to stay. Because these are the key stats for characters. Then keep Affiliations, distinctions, powers and specialities.

Does that give too many dice? I Don’t think so. In MHR players constantly roll 4-5 dice. Without aptitudes you might only roll 2-3 dice if you don’t have a good morph or skill. On the flip-side you can roll 6, but that matches the potential in my ME hack, so I’m fine with it.

Powers may need altering somewhat. Currently reflexes do attack and defend, so split that into aim/accuracy and reflexes. Add in Intellect, Appearance and Charisma as powers (from Mass effect Hack). And these would all come from the morphs. Most morphs would provide no sfx or limit however (other than pod/synth limits like mutant)

The second power set would  be gear. Pretty straightforward.

Specialities…Not sure whether to leave or do my ME skills/specialities. Either way Mystic can go and i would add Networking. And i would use d6 and maybe d12 skills as these are important with the lack of powers

Finally, i would keep Rep, and for each level you would get a die (d4 for 1 to d12 for 5) to roll when making resources from skills.

So a character might look like:

Jason Paulsen

Solo d8 Buddy d6 Team d10

COG d6 COO d8 INT d10 REF d8 SAV d6 SOM d8 WIL d6

Distinctions: Fall Evacuee, Criminal,  Gun for Hire, Not a Nice Guy

Olympian Morph
Aim 6, Reflexes 6, Strength 8, Stamina 8, Senses 6, Durability 8
SFX: Cortical Stack. Character’s memory is backed up and can be uploaded unless totally destroyed.
SFX: Mesh inserts. Can access the MEsh with no need for gear.

Body Armour (Durability) 8. Limit: Gear.
Railgun SMG (Weapon) 8.  SFX Area Attack. Limit: Gear.

Combat 10, Covert 8, Acrobatics 6, Crime 8, Business 6, Vehicle 6, Networking 6, Menace 8

c 10 = d4, g 20 = d6, @, e, f, i, r 0 = d4

Added the extra distinction because used 2 for the background and faction from EP character creation.

Main thing needed for Hack is all the morphs and gear. Background and Faction bonuses and rep rules would be good also.

Comments Welcome Here!

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