Next Hack?

So, what to hack next. I’m thinking one of the following:

  • Eclipse phase.
  • Modern Horror. Underworld / WoD / Nightfall / Dresden Files
  • Fantasy.

MHR works best when used to represent powers. For characters who rely on skills and ‘feats’ i think i would go with Savage Worlds. So why Eclipse Phase then? Simple – the power sets can be swapped in and out like Morphs. No need for Maximums or bonuses, just a different selection of dice. I’ve been playing Nightfall DBG a lot recently, and fancy a RPG for that. And finally, fantasy. Yes i could just continue with Pathfinder or D&D. But instead i could write a conversion for MHR and use setting and adventures from both.

So, lets have a poll, and see who answers:

One comment

  1. Last time i checked this it had no votes! not including me – its a 50-50 split!

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