Tonight I will be using Mass Effect for…

Something Else!

Yes Despite Writing a Mass Effect Hack I don’t plan on using it to play straight Mass Effect. Why? Well, have you played Mass Effect 3. No Offence but the ending blew. So I’m using to play something similar, but different…

In the years after ME3 most things continue as normal. The council races squabble but are generally useless. The Krogan get into fights, the Geth and Quarians fight each other (or maybe make peace), and everyone hates the Batarians. Humanity however Thrives and massively expands becoming the Imperium. New races are discovered, some join the council and same look after themselves. Some new human colonies dislike the Imperium so try to stay outside it. Inside the Imperium, Aliens are frowned upon, as is everyone who does not believe in the values of the Imperium – Heretics! These people are dealt with harshly. Eventually both the people on the fringe, some Aliens and dissenters start a rebellion! At the time of the game it’s mostly underground but it’s there. Small skirmishes are fought, and war does happen.

Yes its my Mass Effect/Star Wars/40k/Firefly/Race for the Galaxy world.

It’s basically a kitchen sink, based on Mass Effect races, powers and tech that i can throw new stuff into, and have more exploration going on, and a potential galactic war in the background. It doesn’t have a name, it’s simply how I pitched the world for Mass Effect to Mika, rather than decide what we would do after ME3. For the record, We picked Destroy, and Mika dislikes the ending to. But not as much as what happened when we finished the Geth/Quarian arc and had to replay it!

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