Everybody knows Catwoman. But there have been so many variations. The TV series, the animated series, the Halle Berry Version (OMG). Even the comics have multiple versions. I’ve gone for something like the Arkham City version. 


Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6

Ooooo Shiny!
Plays on Both Sides of The law
A Cat (Burglar) fights when cornered

Capable Cat-Burglar, Gymnast and Combatant
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Movement – Leaping d6
SFX: Focus.
Limit: Exhausted.

Cats Gear
Weapon d6 (Both Claws and whip)
Movement-Swinging d6
Senses d6
SFX: Entangle. Add a d6 and step up effect die for entangled or ouch, spikes complications.
Limit: Gear.

Combat Expert d8, Acrobatics Master d10, Covert Master d10, Crime Expert d10, Business Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Vehicle Expert d8

Amazed I haven’t seen her yet. Will continue with Batman characters. I’m most familiar with them and Green Lantern


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