Cheshire is somewhat the DC town bike. She has children with Red Arrow and Catman. And she’s a paid assassain. She could be an awesome reality show, or my next datafile.


Solo d10,  Buddy d6, Team d8

Coldblooded Murderer
Vengeful Mother
Dangerous Liasons
Completely Untrustworthy
(Pick 3)

Poisonous Killer
Enhanced Reflexes
Weapon d6 (sword)
Weapon d6 (nails)
SFX: Triple-jointed. Add an extra die to total OR step-up effect die in any attempt to avoid or escape from grapple or entanglement.
SFX: Disabling poisons. Add d6 and step up effect die to create weakened, sleepy or daxed complications.
SFX: Fatal poison. Add d6 to pool. Step down physical stress by 1 and inflict poisoned complication with a second effect die. Step up complication every round. complication can be removed with roll vs doom pool.
Limit: Gear (Sword)

Acrobatics d10, combat d8, covert d10, crime d8, menace d8, psych d8.

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