Who’s Up next? 2

I’ve had a request For Gorilla Grodd of MWP forums.

But who else is wanted?

Happy to do DC or Naruto Characters (Plenty of people doing Marvel)

Just add a comment below.



  1. I’ll throw two names in then…

    Anarky (Lonnie Machin)

    Solstice (pre-52 version)

    1. Had to look them up. Have come across anarky i realised, so should be a goer.
      Solstice though i can find very little on. Interesting though. Seems a shame they 52ed her out of existence

      1. Solstice has New52 version, it just looks like a storm cloud. Still, she’s fared better than poor Artemis…

        Looking forward to Anarky.

    2. Anarky is up

  2. stanoje · · Reply

    Someone from Vertigo, like John Constantine. Just to see how that kind of character works out in the system.

    1. Thats an idea. My only knowledge though is one appearance in sandman and the film. I’ll give it a go though.

      1. stanoje · ·

        The movie’s Constantine is VERY different from the comic version. Maybe better to someone you’re familiar with?

      2. yes i’ve heard that. I would ignore the film and read up before even thinking about it.

    2. Luckily DCA has stats for JC, so i’ve done a conversion. Feel free to ignore the entire magician power set. Enjoy.

      1. stanoje · ·

        Nice one, dude.

  3. Here’s a challenge, any Green Lantern or The Spectre (his write-up in DCA is so daunting).

    1. i’ve been thinking about doing a green lantern ring as a power set then doing the various characters

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