Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd, Psychic Evil Gorilla and Flash Nemesis. Also according to DCA, not as strong as he looks because of reliance on his mental powers. Too wimpy for you? bump his Gorilla Dice.

Gorilla Grodd

Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Would-be Conqueror
The Sinister Simian
Humans are beneath me
Technological Genius (choose 3)

Giant Intelligent Ape

Enhanced Strength d8
Enhanced Stamina d8
Growth d6
Senses d6
SFX: Unleashed. as MHR
SFX: Dangerous. as MHR [He can do damage if neccesary]
Limit: Exhaustedas MHR

Psychic Powers
Telekinetic Control d8
Telepathy d10
Mind Control d10
SFX: Area attackas MHR
SFX: Escape. If Grodd is Stressed out and take trauma, Spend a PP/DD to have him shift his mind into another body in the vicinity. He will have his revenge…
Limit: Exhaustedas MHR

Menace Master d10, Psych Master d10, Acrobatics Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Tech Master d10

Its also possible for Grodd to have some fancy tech with him, but for the moment leave it as a stunt or resources.



  1. Growth? I dont recall him ever having that.

    1. Ah forgot i put that in. I intended it to show that hes quite big. Wasnt really neccesary. At the time i didnt have the rulebook with me.

  2. That cool. There is a big gap in my Grodd lore. Didnt know if it was something they did with him at some point.

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