Black Adam

The first time i saw Black adam he ripped a dude in half. Awesome! Then he created himself a super hero wife and brother in law. Pity he wears such a dorky outfit and hasn’t changed his hair style in like 40 years. So the ruler of Kahndaq, and frequent enemy of the marvel family…

Black Adam

Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

The world’s other mightiest mortal
Centuries of experience
Towering Rage

Stamina of Shu, Godlike Stamina d12
Speed of Heru, Superhuman speed d10, Enhanced Reflexes d8, superhuman Flight d10
Strength of Amon, godlike strength d12
Wisdom of Zehuti, Enhanced senses d8
Power of Aton, godlike Durability d12
Courage of Mehen, Mental Resistance d10
SFX: Berserk, as MHR
SFX: Dangerous, as MHR
SFX: Versatile, as MHR
SFX: Multipower, as MHR
SFX: Invulnerability – physical, as MHR
SFX: Immunity – drowning, vacuum, starvation, thirst, poison, disease.
Limit: SHAZAM! by uttering his magic word, shutdown SHAZAM powerset and gain 2PP/DD. Recover on opportunity. (Adam rarely does this)

Combat Expert, Menace Master, Mystic Expert.

Yes, Black Adam is Kickass. But then he goes toe-to-toe with Captain Marvel, who can hang with Superman.

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