Black Canary

What no Villain! Yes my first proper Hero, prompted by Mika asking to play that Black song-something woman. Used to love Birds of Prey, and now it’s totally different. Still Can’t Decide if New-52 is good or bad. Anyhoo, Black Canary, a Hero who prefers to rely on skills rather than powers.

Black Canary (Dinah Lance)

Solo D6, Buddy d10, Team d8
Highly skilled unarmed fighter
I Hate Technology, and it hates me right back
Brilliant Tactician, Charismatic Leader

Canary Cry
Sonic Blast d8
SFX: Area Attack. as MHR.
SFX: Afflict. Add d6 and step up effect die to inflict Disorientated or deafened complications.
SFX: Unleashed. as MHR
Limit. Exhausted. as MHR.

Trained by the best
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Motorbike – speed d8
SFX: Focus. as MHR
Limit: Technology hates me. Turn any Tech based Asset or Unlockable into a complication and gain 1PP. Activate opportunity to recover asset.
Limit: Gear (motorbike). as MHR.

Acrobatics Expert, Covert Expert, Menace Expert, Combat Master,Vehichle Expert, Crime Expert

Training over powers
1xp…First time in a scene choose to attack an opponent with fists rather than Canary Cry.
3xp…Defeat all opponents in scene without using Canary Cry.
10 xp…Defeat the main villain watcher character in arc either without using Canary Cry at all or using Unleashed SFX and exhausted limit.

I’ve been a member of JSA, JLA, Birds of Prey…and i married Green Arrow
1xp…First time in a scene roll team or buddy dice
3xp…Fight with a new character/team for the first time.
10xp…Join a new team or partner permenatnly or leave a long-standing team or relationship.




Still not sold on 10xp milestones. 1 and 3 tend to work well narratively and mechanically. the 10 xp ones seems to be gimmes because they award either way, and it’s up to the watcher to set them up.

Front Piccy by Bakanekonei


  1. Nice work. She is one of the few characters I think should have a d8 in Solo, Buddy, or Team. She works well in all three situations. How about Oracle next?

    1. Agreed. the Affiliations were a pain. I figured oracle or Huntress or green arrow count as buddies, then she is on JSA and JLA. which only left a d6 for solo!

      Oracle..will add her to the list.

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