Giganta was a wonder-woman villain. Originally a Doctor, she wanted to transfer her mind to WW but ended up in a Gorilla, and now is in a woman with the magical power of growth.


Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Brilliant Scientist
Determined to get her way
Trying to go Straight

Magical Growth
Superhuman Growth d10
Godlike Strength d12
Godlike Stamina d12
Superhuman Durability d10
SFX: Invulnerability. Ignore Physical Stress for 1PP.
Limit: Back to normal size. Shutdown Magical Growth power set and gain 1PP/DD. Recover on opportunity.
Limit: Giant-size problems. Change any Magical Growth power into a complication and gain 1PP.

Protective Suit
Durability d6
SFX: Immunity – Heat, Cold
Limit: Gear.

Science Master d10, Tech Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Medical Expert d8,


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