Green Lantern Power Ring

Before i stat up any of the Green Lanterns (no Kilowog in DCA?) i first need to do the ring. The power set will only vary slightly from character to character.

Green Lantern Power Ring
Godlike Flight d12
Superhuman Durability d10 (force field)
Superhuman Senses d10
Telekinesis d10
Solid Light Mastery d10
Blast d10
Cosmic Mastery d10 (As speciality – For Information)

SFX: Multipower
SFX: Versatile
SFX: Invulnerable.
SFX: Immunity – Life Support.
SFX: Constructs.
SFX: Afflict. Add d6 and step up effect die for trapped, entangled or similar complications.
Limit: Recharge. Shutdown Power Ring and Gain 1PP. Recharge in transition scene.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown Power Ring and Gain 1PP. Recover on opportunity or roll v Doom Pool.
Limit: Fuelled by Will. If a Ring bearer has taken emotional trauma which would affect their will the ring will not work at all. If a Ring bearer takes emotional stress related to a lack of willpower (Fear, Anger, Doubt) Step down the ring powers for every 2 full steps of emotional stress. so d6/d8 stress would knock 1 steps off the powers, d10/d12 would take 2.



  1. Hey I want to see C’hp!

    1. just googled him. Seriously??

  2. Added Fuelled by Will limit

  3. […] Then there is a host of Aliens. I Might get to some of those…These four guys all use the same GL Power Ring set i detailed yesterday here, but have made some alterations. Based on the DCA stats, John is weakest, then Guy, Then Hal and […]

  4. Plan on doing the other rings? There is a full spectrum =)

    1. Quite possibly, but not soon. After doing some requests from last week I’ll be taking a break from DC. And then civil war might be out.

    2. BIV rings done. ROY to follow.

      Not sure Black or whites are worth doing as a power set, but possibly as an event.

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    Not sure how “Immunity – Life Support” plays in the game mechanically?

    1. its mutants and mastermind short hand for saying immune to vacuum, starvation, thirst, air…basically it keeps you alive.

      1. Anonymous · ·

        aahh.. so you “don’t” have to spend PP to use it each time?

      2. I wouldnt. Same for most immunities i would say though. Im only immune to disease if i spend a PP???

      3. Anonymous · ·

        Hhhmm… just curious seeing how others are approaching the fact that the OM has Immunity described as…
        “Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from SPECIFIC ATTACK TYPE(S).”

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