John Constantine

The comic version , not the film. As requested on my request thread, and converted from DVA H&V1. I know what’s in the write-up…and that he is now a member of JL-Dark!

John Constantine

Solo d10, buddy d6, Team d8

Riding the synchronicity Highway
Occult Investigator

Magician of Average Ability
Sorcery d6
Illusions d6
Magical Gear d6 – (Use for Sorcery or various control powers) 
Magical Weapon d8 (use as weapon/blast)
SFX: Summoning. Add a d6 and step up effect die by 1 to create summoned demon related assets.
SFX: Divination. Add a d6 and step up effect die by 1 to create divination related assets, usually information.
Limit: backlash. Turn a Magician power into a complication and gain 1PP.
Limit: Gear. for the Gear.

Demon-Tainted Blood
Enhanced Senses d8
SFX: Immunity – Disease
SFX: Some Regeneration. Spend 1PP to step-down physical stress, or 2PP to step down Physical Trauma.
SFX: Unwanted. Immunity to Death. Cannot die as Heaven and Hell do not want you!
SFX: Lucky. Spend a PP to Re-roll a failed Reaction test.

Mystic Master d10, Psych Expert d8, Investigation Expert d8

[Hopefully by converting the DCA write-up and adding in some magic i’ve replicated him ok. If his magic needs toning down either remove it or require all magic to require PP expenditure. I’ve left milestones for now. Please feel free to add or suggest some. If i did add one it would be to push using skills over magic. The main thing to notice here is the lack of powers, but the high amount of SFX]



  1. I like what you’ve done for “Some Regeneration”. Might nick that…

    1. The write-up i read implied slow regeneration, so i couldn’t use wolvie-style super healing. This seemed to work.

      1. Actually, the wording for Wolverine’s healing factor scales really nicely – pure and simple, you recover physical stress or step back physical trauma by using your Stamina die as the effect die… so Wolverine removes all physical stress of d12 or lower and steps back all physical trauma of d12 or lower, because he’s got Stamina d12. A character with Stamina d8 and the same SFX would remove d8 and lower physical stress and step back d10 or higher physical stress, and would step back d8 or lower physical trauma and do nothing to d10 or higher trauma.

        As a result, if you want to scale down the rate at which a character regenerates, simply associate the SFX with a smaller die – Wolverine heals so fast because he has both Godlike Stamina and a Healing Factor SFX.

      2. Thats an interesting read on it, but doesnt say that anywhere under the SFX description about Healing or in Wolvies. Some mention in stamina, but nothing concrete. Certainly you could alter healing to work that way though.

      3. Nathan is right. It’s been confirmed on the forums by Cam many times that the Healing Factor SFX works like it says under Stamina power description: Step down stress if your Stamina die is lower, remove it if your stamina die is higher.

  2. OM28, under the heading “Powers and Stress Recovery” covers what I said in my previous post.

    1. So it does. Cheers

  3. Honestly, I think this is a pretty decent writeup. You gave him magic (which is always a topic of debate when statting Constantine), which is fitting considering the number of times we see him do spells. You also played up on the fact that his raw power is low, but his knowledge of the arcane and his specialties are what you have to watch out for.

    I think the only thing I would do with this write-up is change the Demon-Tainted Blood a bit. He didn’t really get a major sensory boost from Nergal’s blood, but rather enhanced physical capabilities, including healing. Most of the major abilities vanished after his body handled the blood, but I can see him having a Stamina power and moving Enhanced Senses to “Magician of Average Ability,” as his senses tend to be geared to detecting magic.

    As a final note: I’m curious if this writeup would still be a proper fit for the Justice League Dark/New 52 version of Constantine. I’m about six issues behind due to work/wedding planning, but I have to wonder with the magic he’s now throwing around would be a higher rank or just a well-planned out collection of stunt/asset dice.

    1. would be easy to make any changes you wanted. a good thing about MHR is the ease of re-writing datafiles. Its not like there is just one version – MWP did multiple versions of same characters themselves.

      1. Indeed they did, especially when the character changed over time (like Iron Man after Extremis, or Spider-Man getting his armor from Stark).

        I just thought I’d offer my two cents on it since I finally got around to some of my comic backlog (including the final issues of Hellblazer) and figured I’d throw alternative ideas for you in case you found them helpful for future reference.

        Looking forward to the other datafiles you’re planning on throwing out here!

      2. Only did JC by request, so its unlikely one i’ll come back to you but thanks for suggestions. At the time he was quite accurate!! I imagine it will be more Bat characters next…

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