Booster gold

You can’t have Blue Beetle without Booster gold. Enjoyed him during 52, probably more when he was an ass. Who is booster? Fame-Hungry walking advert, or saviour of the timeline? His milestones and distinctions here are a mix of the new and old booster.

Booster Gold

Solo d8, Buddy d10, Team d6

Man of many endorsements
Secret Hero
Skeets, What do you know about this?

Booster Gold Suit
Superhuman Strength d10
Energy Blasts d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Enhanced Senses d8
Subsonic Flight d8
SFX: Boost. Shutdown one booster Power to step-up another power. Recover on opportunity or during transition scene.
SFX: Immunity – Life control.
SFX: Multipower
Limit: Gear.

Energy Blast d8
Subsonic Flight d8
Durability d8
SFX: Historical Database. Provides Tech Expert d8
Limit: Skeets, Could you just…Shutdown skeets and gain 1PP. Regain on transition scene or by activating opportunity.

Combat Expert d8, Psych Expert d8

This is my chance to be a hero…and famous
1xp…First time in a scene you mention one of your sponsors
3xp…Jeopardise a heroic action to gain publicity
10 xp…Lose a big battle to go for fame, or sacrifice fame to make the big save

This is my chance to save the world…but no-one will know
1xp…Act like the fool everybody expects.
3xp…Do something heroic, but then turn it into something about ego/fame/money
10xp… Take Actions to save the time-stream, which no-one must know about.

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