I had never really come across Vixen until reading the last relaunch of JLA. Pity it got shafted by infinite Crisis, but i was really enjoying it. Vixen came across as a great character in that, but i’m betting she’s been sidelined in JLI (only read issue 1 so far). Here’s a question – do people want background etc to go with the stats…it’s not like you all own DCA is it!

Vixen (Mari McCabe)

Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8
Animal Nature
Independent and Determined

Tantu Totem
SFX: Regeneration. Spend a PP to remove Physical stress.
SFX: Variable powers – Vixen can mimic the “powers” from any animal. She can only use one animal at a time – but can change every action (but not reaction). The total die pool of the powers should not be more than 5d (d6=1, sfx cost 1)

Common Animals:

Speed d8
Weapon d6
SFX: Dangerous.

Flight d6
Senses d8

Strength d8
Durability d8

Attack d6
Emotional Resistance d8

Reflexes d8
Leaping d6

Strength d8
Weapon d6
SFX: Dangerous.

Limit: Lost to the Red. Vixen can access her powers without the totem, but runs the risk of getting lost in the red-losing herself in the primal nature of the animal she mimics. Turn any Totem power into a complication and gain 1PP – remove complication by activating opportunity or in transition scene. If totem is lost, gain 1PP, and when lost to the red step-up created complication by one – recover on action vs doom pool..

Acrobatics Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Covert Expert d8

Fiercely Independent
1xp…when roll solo, despite being with a team
3xp…Keep something from your team, or take on something without the team.
10xp…Overcome a difficult situation or foe without the team, or give-in and accept the help and support of a team.

Tapping into the Red
1xp…when first change animal during a scene.
3xp…When activate Lost to the Red.
10xp…when manage to use at least 5 different animals in an arc AND get lost to the red but overcome it (remove the complication)

NOTE – the Affiliations are awkward. I’m torn between team and solo for d10/d8. She goes solo even when on a team which implies solo, but is always on a team, which implies team. I’ve gone with solo first as that seems to match better. The downside is it makes the first milestone a no-brainer. I thought about having a team milestone, but the point is she ignores the team most of the time…



  1. Duck Call Lass · · Reply

    I think this is a great example of when the Mimic power is appropriate. Then you wouldn’t need to list animal examples.

    1. except mimic copies other powers. She doesnt do that…well not anymore.

      1. Duck Call Lass · ·

        Nope, check out the description of Mimic.

        “It may also be used to represent a hero who has no fixed powers but instead spontaneously creates them as the need arises.”

        And also:

        “… in other cases, the hero can just develop a power.”

        Mimic is really more like “omni-power” from the old DC Heroes RPG. You don’t need to copy someone to use it, you just need to create the asset and go.

      2. it also says you create powers as assets, which is pretty far from spontaneous as it takes an action to do so. also since there are no stats for animals, without statting the powers, how would you know what levels to set the powers at? While i see your point, ive designed her the way i want it to work.

      3. Of course you can just change my writeup to say mimic d8. Limited to animal powers, may create 2 powers without an action at a time. but then you get flight and weapon d8 which are too high.

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