DCs Mistress of Magic. Unlike Marvel there’s a whole bunch of magic characters in DC, but Zatanna is the most main-stream. I always thought her outfit was a bit OTT, and for new 52 they have dropped it. This version presented here should be ok for new 52 and old DC.


solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10
Super-Hero Magician
Famous and Well-connected
Mysterious, Attractive, but single?

Inherited Mystical Powers
Sorcery d10
Transmutation d8
Blast d10
Teleport d8
Durability d10
Senses d8
SFX: Afflict. Add a d6 and step-up effect die to inflict Immobilised, Chained, Stunned, Transformed, forgotten or other magic-based complications.
SFX: Nullify. Step-up Sorcery when used to counter or resist magical powers or to remove magic-based complications.
Limit: speak aloud. If Zatanna cannot speak aloud (and backwards) shutdown Mystical Powers and gain 1PP.

Mystic Master d10, Psych Expert d8

Many enemies from the Dark arts
1xp…When you reveal an enemy practises the dark arts
3xp…When you defeat said enemy
10xp…When you save the world from a mystical threat or are defeated trying to do so

1xp…When you show-off to your admiring public
3xp…When you defeat an enemy in public or save civilians
10xp…When you are faced with a choice of saving people or defeating evil and choose one over the other.

Not sure on the milestones, but the great thing about marvel is I can write more any time



  1. Duck Call Lass · · Reply

    You said “Because mainly she uses Afflicts with that, which will step-up to a d10.” — but that isn’t how Afflict works. You step up your result die, which could be anything from a d4 to a d12.

    1. damn, thats right. Dont know why i did that…i didnt for the rings.

  2. Duck Call Lass · · Reply

    (Also for her limit, how do you recover her power?)

  3. Great post.

    I also did Zee on my blog.

    There are differences, but certainly the same character.

    1. one of the good bits about MHR is how multiple character writeups are a feature!

      1. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! 😉

        But yes. It is nice you can do this since it leaves interpretation of the character up to the player.

        I am linking back here on my own site. hope you get some hits out of it!

      2. cheers. I had your site open to add to my blogroll…

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