Fate with all the dice (except d20 and dF)


So i have a lot of FATE books. Actually, i think i have all of them! I’ve played a few games. But as mentioned in my Pathfinder dice post, i want to use all the dice! the dF or d6-d6 doesn’t cut it. So going back to an old Rpg.net post i had a brainwave. I would use the pyramid/ladder to give different dice to roll, but also have minus dice to have the possibility of getting the -1,2,3 that can happen at low levels, and roll multiple dice to lesson the chance of rolling low with a high dice. Again, i haven’t tried this yet but will be soon!

Ladder and dice

  • +5 superb d12+1
  • +4 Great: d12
  • +3 Good: d10
  • +2 Fair:d8
  • +1 Average : d6
  • +0 Mediocre : d4

When you roll you roll 3 of the relevant dice AND roll a d4 (the Evil d4). Take the middle roll and subtract the Evil d4.

This results in:

  • +0 = +3,-3, average 0
  • +1 = +5,-3, average 1
  • +2 = +7,-3, average 2 (Exact same spread as using d6-6 at +2)
  • +3 = +9, -3, average 3
  • +4 = +11,-3, average 4
  • +5= +12,-2, average 5

But because of the multiple dice, the max and min are less likely than the averages which still fall on the value itself!

Using this i can play any FATE game basically as written, without making massive alterations. So i can finally play Legends of Anglerre, Starblazer, Diaspora, Dresden Files and Agents of Swing with my proper dice. Well, in theory!!

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