Pathfinder Bonus Dice

So, my main issues with Pathfinder are:

  • Strong heroes do damage and are better at fighting, while Dexterous heroes are good at dodging and Shooting but not fighting. So if i want a Dexterous fighter, he also needs to be strong. If i want a strong clumsy fighter…can’t.
  • the BAB. I wish it worked like in M&M where it separates from Strength and level.
  • the d20 rules. It has a massive spread of results and is more important than your stats. So if you have a bigger bonus on a skill by 1 or 2 (which seems huge at level 1) its actually only 5-10% better.
  • Monsters are designed to be used at set levels. But that’s an easy fix to use less HP, Damage, AC or Attack and alter Xp. Or not depending on XP system.
  • Millions of Feats. But without them, characters are samey, so just ignore the naff ones!

I came up with a solution. It’s not tested, it’s probably not balanced, but it’s only meant for my small 1-3 player group.

Bonus Dice.

Basically you get 2 die steps every level to assign to a bunch of things. The groups are quite wide, but designed to make specialists even better, or let characters get better at cross class skills. Whenever the particular item is rolled, you add in this extra dice. Yes, it will make characters really good at lower levels – but only at particular things.

Die Steps go d4,d6,d8,d10,d12.


  • Attack : Light, 1 Hand, 2 Hand, Ranged, Thrown, Magic (applied to roll or save DC)
  • Damage: Melee, Magic, Ranged
  • AC: vs Magic, vs Ranged, vs Melee
  • DR:  vs Magic, vs Ranged, vs Melee
  • Saves: Reflex, Will, Fortitude
  • Skills: Physical, Mental, Social, Crafting [Not sure on this exactly what goes where…]

And that’s it. Its just an idea, but ticks my boxes:

  • I Can have a character with low Strength or who isn’t a warrior who still gets a high To-Hit, but only with certain weapons.
  • I can have a fighter who does huge damage, without neccesarily having high to-hit
  • I get extra dice to roll.
  • It doesn’t need lots of house rules, or massive alterations, just a new character sheet with Die boxes next to certain things (and i was doing a nee PF character sheet for my next play anyway)
  • Characters would be more varied within classes. With 2 steps per level (40 at level 20), 5 steps max and 22 categories (110 choices) there’s plenty of room for variety.

Who knows how it will work. It probably unbalances very quickly. But this is only for my group (mainly just Mika) so that doesn’t really matter. But if you try it, Let me know what happened!

Comments Welcome Here!

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