Wonder Girl

I’m doing The second Wonder girl, Cassie Sandsmark, fro two reasons. Firstly because i just did wonder woman, and secondly because her stats in DCA HV2 are next to the WW write-up and i was reading the wrong stat block!! Note this is mostly based on pre new 52 Cassie as i haven’t read enough of that yet…and they haven’t revealed much yet anyway.

Wonder girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10

Young Hero
Natural Leader
Teenage Demi-God

Gifted by Zeus
Superhuman Strength d10
Superhuman Stamina d10
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Speed d8
Flight d10
Limit: Many enemies as a Daughter of Zeus and a Titan. Convert any Zeus power into a complication and gain a PP.

Magic Lasoo
Weapon d8
SFX: Afflict. Add a d6 and step-up effect die to inflict shocked, lassooed or related complications.
Limit: Gear.

Combat Expert d8, Mythology Expert d8, Psych Expert d8

Extended Family
1xp…When you roll team or buddy for the first time in a scene
3xp…When you save on of your friends or family from harm.
10xp…when you are forced to choose the greater good rather than save a member of your extended family or when you lose a member of your extended family and either choose to bring them back or move on.

Accepting Responsibility
1xp…when you perform a support action
3xp…when you lead a team for a scene
10xp…when you accept the leadership of a team permenantly or give it up for someone else.

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