Wonder Woman

At last, an Icon. One of DCs Trinity. The amazonian princess and founding member of the Justice League – Wonder woman. Compared to Bats and Supes WW has a lot of different version. Theres the iconic version, the Secret Agent version, The JMS wearing Pants version and the new 52 version. And even in the new 52 there are two versions – Crazy warrior woman (JLA), and monster slayer (WW). Nice consistency there DC! I’m going to go down the new 52 route as i figured people will mostly have converted the old iconic version…not that there’s a huge Difference.

Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince)

Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Fearless Warrior Woman
Amazonian Princess in the new world
(replace any of above with:
Beauty and Wisdom, Secret Agent, Ambassador)

Demi-God Amazonian Warrior Princess
Godlike Strength d12
Superhuman Stamina d10
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Flight d10
Speed d8
SFX: Versatile.
SFX: Multipower.
Limit: Many enemies and a Daughter of Zeus . Convert any Demi-God… power into a complication and gain a PP.

Gifts from the Gods
Superhuman Durability d10 (Bracelets)
Weapon d10 (the Lasso of Truth)
Weapon d8 (sword)
SFX: Dangerous (MHR) – the sword.
SFX:Invulnerable. Speed a PP to ignore physical stress unless caused by an area effect (fire, magic etc).
SFX: Afflict. Add a d6 and step-up effect die to inflict shocked, lassooed, Must tell the truth or related complications.
Limit: Gear.

Combat Master d10, Acrobatics Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Mythology Expert d8

Warrior of myth
1xp…When you face a creature of myth and legend.
3xp…when you defeat a creature of myth and legend.
10xp…When you go up against a God and defeat them or are defeated.

A New world
1xp…when you comment on how the world is so strange to you or say something that makes you stand out.
3xp…when your actions get you into trouble with the law, media or your team-mates
10xp…when you are forced to choose between your new world and Themyscira and make that choice.



  1. These are awesome!!! Thanks for this:) Btw, you wrote Lasoo of Truth instead of Lasso of Truth:)

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