Donna Troy

Donna Troy started as a copy of Wonder Woman and became wonder Girl. She has died a few times, had totally different powers, been wonder woman and…Oh Who knows. There’s a reason DC has to reboot continuity al the time, because it gets too convoluted. Currently Donna is AWOL, so this is based on an ‘iconic’ version of her.

Donna Troy

Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8
Fury of an Amazonian
Sister to Wonder Woman
Multiversal Nexus


Amazonian Warrior Princess
Superhuman Strength d10 
Superhuman Stamina d10
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Flight d10
Speed d8
SFX: Multipower.
Limit: Multiversal Nexus. Convert any Amazonian power into a complication and gain a PP.

Gifts from the Gods
Superhuman Durability d8 (Amazon Bracelets)
Weapon d10 (the Lasoo of Persuasion)
SFX:Invulnerable. Speed a PP to ignore physical stress unless caused by an area effect (fire, magic etc).
SFX: Afflict. Add a d6 and step-up effect die to inflict lassooed, compelled or related complications.
Limit: Gear.

Combat Expert d8, Acrobatics Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Mythology Expert d8, Photography Expert d8

A good Listener and friend
1xp…When another character tells you their problems/secrets
3xp…when you use a support action to aid another character
10xp…When you sacrifice yourself or your happiness to help a friend.

who is Donna Troy?
1xp…when you activate the multiversal nexus limit
3xp…when you use all three distinctions in a story
10xp…when you are faced with another shift in your backstory, powers or existence and get through it (changing a bunch of your stats in the process, and probably your costume and hero code-name!)

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