To Follow the Wonder girls i thought i would do some Teen Titans. Starfire up first. Reasonably familiar with her after Teen Titans and 52. Her New 52 incarnation is diabolical, even for me. So this is a more 5-10 years ago Starfire.

Starfire (Princess Koriand’r)

Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10

Tamaran Princess
Alien, but totally hot!
Emotional and Unrestrained

Tamaran Solar Powers
Flight d10
Superhuman Strength d10
Superhuman Stamina d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Star Bolts (Solar Blast) d10
SFX: Multipower.
SFX: Regeneration (Healing as MHR)
SFX: Immunity – Life Support, requires sunlight.
Limit: Exhaustion.
Limit: Sunlight. With any prolonged period without Sunlight, gain 1PP and shutdown Flight and Star Bolts.

Acrobatics Expert d8, Ranged Combat Expert (starbolts) d8, Menace Expert d8, Psych Expert d8

What, did i do something wrong?
1 xp… when use Emotional and Unrestrained distinction.
3 xp… when do something that most humans would consider not socially acceptable, by accident.
10 xp…when lose temper and either cut loose on an enemy, injuring them badly, or restrain yourself.

just the one…need a titan milestone!


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