Now that civil war is out i will more encouraged to work on MHR again, and i have some time next week to be able to knock out some datafiles. Plus – less Football 8(

So what to work on?

  • More major JLA characters?
  • More (Teen Tians)
  • Outsiders?
  • Batman Baddies, or allies?

Add a comment and let me know…



  1. Batman Baddies ftw.

    1. K. some left to do. Well loads. Plus its about the only time i stat blokes!

      1. Sorry for Delays – Two-Face up.

  2. Prophetsteve · · Reply

    More DC comics baddies of any type

    1. Will check my list…where did i put it

  3. Always been a fan of the Mystic or Supernatural characters. Be cool to see Dr. Fate (any version), Etrigan, or maybe Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

  4. How about doing themes, like sets of villains teams? Flash’s rogues gallery, Batman’s baddies, and maybe Superman too. Could pick like five from each. How about Suicide Squad?

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