The 13 Savage PathFinder U Barbarians of Fate Plus Next

What the F?

In reality this is just a lead into various conversions/systems posts i intend to write for the games i hope to play in future.

Currently i am playing Pathfinder – using the Kingmaker AP – and a number of houserules. Plotpoints from MHR, Aspects from FATE and using bonus dice rather than flat +2,+3 etc. IT ticks a lot of boxes for Mika and myself expect for the problems i still have with higher level monsters. 13th age and D&D next look to fix that but they aren’t out yet.

So what am i wanting to play. Well the same system, but 2 ways depending on what works:

  1. Seperate cortex plus hacks of Pathfinder, Savage Worlds because both have great settings but for various reasons i’m not super keen on all the rules.
  2. One generic cortex hack taking in bits of BoL, 13th Age and other games which can run anything where characters aren’t super powered. AFAIK most games are on a pretty similar level. Yes Fantasy games have Dragons, but they are not PCs. If i need supers (or wanna play Exalted) i’ll use MHR.

Essentially i’m getting nowhere because i keep finding a new game which has good ideas, but i always come back to the cortex plus dice pools. Yet i don’t like stress as health. It works for smallville and MHR, but it doesn’t convince me for small groups doing fantasy or pulp.

So expect to end up with something that has:

  • Attributes from a mix of games
  • Feats/Talents/Edges/Flaws/Complications/Boons which both work as rule changers and bonus dice
  • Careers from BoL with Specialisations from Leverage (or maybe just skills)
  • Powers from MHR + SFX & limits
  • PP from MHR
  • Aspects/Distinctions from FATE/MHR/Leverage
  • Basic Resolution from Cortex plus (dice pool, pick best 2)
  • Life/health from BoL or Ubiquity
  • Weapons as dice from Ubiquity or MHR
  • Class and Race options from Pathfinder (For fantasy anyway)
  • Use setting material from Savage Worlds

So there’s a lot of different influences going on. I may just start with a simple BoL/cortex plus hybrid and use some Savage settings. One thing i’m keen of trying is if i can use Feats from PF, Edges from SW, Talents from HEX and Boons from BoL as written in the same game. Haven’t tried it yet but curious to see if it works.

Gotta Finish some Kingmaker first though! So many games, so little time.


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