Two Face

Another Bat Villain: Two-Face. Psychopathic crime-boss / Crusading DA. This is more the classic comic version than any other. Although Comic version is basically the same as Arkham version.

Two-Face aka Harvey Two-Face aka Harvey Dent

solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10 / solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6
Psychopath / Justice must be Served
Crime-Boss / Man of the people
Fate must decide

Gun Toting Psychopath
Guns! d8
SFX: Area Effect. as MHR
Limit: Split Personality. Any time Two-Face takes mental or emotional stress roll the stress dice. On Odds he is Two-Face (First set of stats), on Evens he is Harvey Dent (Second set of stats). This lasts until the end of the scene or the next occurance of stress.

The Gang
Minions 3d6
Guns d6
Durability d6
SFX: Team Harvey! The Gang count as a team if needed.
Limit: The Gang can be targeted as a mob by taking out all three minions dice.

Crime Master d10, Menace Master d10, Business Expert d8

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