Back From the Dead

When i posted my last post, i had no idead it would be my last for 6 months.

Sorry about that.

I intended the Blog to be about MHR. But when i started, MHR was meant to have 2 whole events done by the end of the year. Instead we have one – and mostly only in PDF. That partly killed my impetus (not just me – a bunch of the other big MHR sites sort of stopped posting).

That’s just an excuse though. In reality i haven’t had the time. Little Anwyn is now 1, and takes up a lot of my spare time. I got into Warmachine/Hordes over the summer and spent a lot of time reading up on that (or playing – what a rarity). And other RPGs have attempted to take my attention. Mostly they have failed – in a year nothing out there interests me as much as Cortex Plus, but that really needs some more product.

So i intend to start blogging again. Maybe not as much as i was, but at least once a week. Not just Data files and hacks. I think i will also do more reviews, thoughts and other stuff.

See you soon.

Chris / That70sBloke

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