star wars eoe blog, check it out

New-ish blog on the new star wars rpg.

Triumph & Despair

Triumph & Despair (T&D) is a place for me to get up on my digital soapbox and tell the world how I feel about Star Wars and Star Wars roleplaying games (RPGs); specifically with the new Edge of the Empire game being produced by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). Both Star Wars and roleplaying games have a very special place in my heart, as they do for many people, and I expect that some of the things I say are going to piss off some of those people. This blog isn’t out here to be nice, smooth things over, and just try and get along. It’s here for me to tell you why you’re wrong and why your game sucks. However, it is also here to venerate and spotlight the things that happen in Star Wars and roleplaying games that I think are creative, interesting, and well-made. My goal is to show off…

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