What to expect…


What can readers of this blog expect over the coming months?

Posts for a start.
Posts on non-content for rpgs, such as have been appearing and are currentlt in draft.
Posts on new rpg content

Here are the taste of the things i hope to write in 2013:

Rifts cortex hack (but might not be able to post it…)
Finish the nightfall hack
More Mass effect or Eclipse Phase Stuff
generic cortex plus (although hackers guide might make this unneccesary)
Fantasy cortex plus (ditto)
Races for star wars EOE
NPCs for star wars EOE
hacking WFRP 3 to match imProvements in SWEOE
More DC characters for MHR.
How to use Iron kingdoms RPG with WFRP or Fantasy C+

of course its unlikely all that gets done, but we’ll see.

Comments Welcome Here!

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