Wood Elf Careers: Wardancer

So the first non cortex content is here: Wardancer careers for WFRP3e. There are only two wood elf careers in WFRP3 and Mika picked a wardancer way back when i got the game (a few months after release). I’ve finally got round to making three higher tier careers. Funny – this is because of Star Wars EOE.

I will put all these up on the WFRP Elf PRoject Valour of ages on RPGGeek, but here’s the initial 3 for my loyal readers (who probably just want more cortex stuff – Worry not, when the Wood Elves are done, i’m going back to Nightfall)

Feastmaster (rank 2)Feast-Master

Bladesinger (rank 3)Bladesinger

Forest Demon (rank 4)Forest-Demon

Thanks to the producers of the art – All taken off Google, so rights belong to the Artists…whoever they are.

One comment

  1. Pics are from the game ‘Heroes of Might and Magic V’

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