Nightfall – Hunters

The third main character type- the Hunter. Hunters don’t have many powers, so will need less dice. however hunters may need extra rules and options which i will post at a later date…when i know what they might be.

Rookie 5-10 dice
Experienced 10-15 dice
Veteran 15-20 dice
Elite 20-25 dice
a dice means d6=1, d8=2 etc. and SFX cost 1 die. Limits are free.

Hunters. Must have one Gear power set. This power set has no SFX as standard, but will have the Gear limit.

Gear power set Powers
Weapons, multiple allowed
SFX : Burst, Focus

Other power sets
Sorcery. Dice cost double for Sorcery.
reflexes, strength, stamina up to d8 max.

Jorgen Jacobsen (Rookie Hunter 6 dice)
Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10

Not many Bullets Left
Out of his depth
Willing to go into the darkness

Pistol d6
Heavy Leather Jacket d6
Limit : Gear

Covert d6, Medical d6, Tech d6, Vehichle d6






Indigo Six (veteran Hunter 15 dice)

Indigo Six

Solo d10, buddy d6, Team d8

Intel is the key to victory
Veteran Hunter
vampire Killer

Armor d8
Pistols d6
Shotgun d8
Sword d6
SFX Dangerous
Limit Gear

Stamina d6
reflexes d6
Limit Exhaustion

Acrobatics d8, Covert d8, Combat d10, Tech d6, Vehichle d6

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