Worst Blog Evvvaaaarrrr

Ok, so it’s not the worst blog ever, plenty of blogs go months without posts, but i can’t say i’m doing well.

Let’s have a look:


April 12 – 23 posts. Mix of SC data files, C+ Hacks.

May 12 – 39 posts. Mostly datafiles. A few posts on general RPG.

June 12 – 8 posts. Oh dear. Running out of steam!

July 12 – 2 posts.

Jan 13 – 9 posts. 5 month break! Mostly general posts..little content.

Feb 13 – 6 posts. WFRP content + nightfall content.

April 13 – another break, only 2 posts – no content.

May 2013 – Now.

93 posts in just over a year would have been good if they’d been spread out. I am happy there is a lot of content here, which i have tried to make easy to find. I wish i could post regularly but at the moment i’m finding it hard to generate any content so expect more general or ‘thoughts’ posts. I like reading these kind of posts and they are easier for me to write.


Where Am I?

Cortex plus – Having read through Hackers Guide twice i’m kinda waiting for that to come out proper, especially for Fantasy Heroic. I hope once that come out i’ll start writing content for my own world using Fantasy as a base…but we’ll see. Kinda gutted that MHR has gone, but since i was mostly using it for Hacking and doing DC, doesn’t make a lot of difference.

Miniatures – Having got into Malifaux in april, i have to say i am initially POed that 2nd edition is out later this year. Mainly because i bought all 4 books, and now they will be mostly useless. Some things sound really good – like more simple base versions of characters with the ability to improve them, and how schemes will work, but the new cards irritate me. I have existing models for every faction, and will have to buy a faction deck for each. That could be like £60 just on cards. I really hope that they release a free PDF AND the decks are cheap. I will definitely be holding off on buying other figures now until 2nd Ed.

Haven’t played Warmahordes this year. We just haven’t had the time. But am hoping for another Gargantuan for my birthday in July!

Computer Games – Showing amazing restraint i’ve stopped buying games on release day! Hoping to pick up Tomb Raider and Injustice pretty Soon, and GRID 2 over summer. Luckily this autumn it only seems like GTA5 and Assassins Creed will be my games to get.

Other RPGS – still waiting for Edge of Empire. Luckily it should make my birthday! If Atomic Robo ever comes out, i’m sure i’ll be picking that up. Some good looking Pathfinder books out this year…even though i never play it i do like it a lot. Need to cancel my adventure path subs…just costing me too much. Curious to see when Firefly will be out, and then there’s Enter the breach. I imagine like Iron Kingdoms, i’ll buy it, read it an then not play it…have to wait and see. Gutted i missed the kickstarter.

The future…Again

I’m not going to promise anything. Ideally i’d write a bunch of content and then set them for timed publication…but whenever i write stuff i like to put it up ASAP. I am generally lost with what to do at the moment. I don’t feel the need to add much to any of my hacks. I can’t think of any DC datafiles i’m desperate to do…although there are a few icons i might do that i have seen elsewhere, just to have done them all myself. There’s some hacks in the back of my head…but nothing i’m burning to write.

So fingers cross, there will be some content soon…but don’t bet on it. It’s a good job i don’t do this for a living!

Comments Welcome Here!

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