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I’ve talked before about not being able to find the right system but i think i basically have. Cortex plus does everything i want except have a world. I also really like the WFRP system, soon to be used in Star Wars, but its not very hackable so i’m ignoring it. I’m also fascinated with the idea of the Malifaux RPG. Unlike Iron kingdoms i think the Wargame will make for a good RPG. For all the other system i own i just don’t like anything as much as i like Cortex…which takes me back to the point i started with…i don’t have a world to play it in!

So what kind of Game world would i like to play in (and know my players would like)

Licensed Worlds

Most licensed worlds i would play in have, or will have, their Own game already, and i’d usually rather use an existing system than hack.

There are a few exceptions…

40K. Actually i don’t really get a lot of 40k. Dark Heresy didn’t make much sense to me, even after i’d read some novels. Rogue Trader even less so. When i think 40K i think Space MArines and Imperial Guard. But i really do not like the system. I spent some time trying to hack WFRP 3e to it…but it was oddly difficult. I think the fact that there seemed to be stat crosover made it seem straightforward yet at the same time not work. A Leverage/MArvel Hack could do the job.

Exalted. I have played one intro game to Exalted. I have statted a bunch of characters and created a pitch video for the game. Yet i own about 75% of the 2nd Ed books. Will i buy 3rd Ed? Maybe for Fluff and Art. The system is just too complex. IT’s meant to be awesome but drowns in its rule system. But if you dumb down the sytem (nWOD) you lose some of the fun dice Mechanics…I’d rather run it in Cortex. Ditto for Scion.

Pathfinder. Not Pathfinder as such. There’s lot of cool stuff i like in the Pathfinder books but again just TOO many rules. And for all the kitchen-sinkness of the setting there’s a lot of naffness. When Fantasy Heroic is out i’ll be having a go.

Eclipse Phase. Again, great world, not keen on the rules. Hacked it already. Think world could do with a 100 year jump and more planets also…

Mass Effect, Nightfall. Hacked! No actual RPGs. Happy with my versions. Not happy with ME3 ending! Still.

Rifts, TORG, Shadowrun. TBH i just like the idea of these worlds… and have played like one game in each. SR4 actually had quite good rules, but still too complex.

Damn, that’s a lot of licensed worlds. i had 4 in mind when i started writing this. Clearly I don’t have the time to write hacks for all these. Again though I’m thinking i need a more standard,generic-ish cortex rule-set..or at least a guide doc that can hack for each. Or actually Can i write one-sheets for each world/hack…There’s an idea.

Anyway, what i intended to write about was a set of generic worlds i want to play in, and possibly write about, and ways to connect them. There was a game called Odyssey Prime which let you travel to different worlds (like Star Gate) so you could play different worlds with the same characters. I also love the TORG Idea. But actually both are just ways to try to link separate worlds, most of which would work better with characters from those worlds.

This is a really badly written post. I just can’t stay on track. This does explain why i can’t run a campaign or keep the blog updated though!

MY Worlds as i envisage them…the ones i keep thinking i want to play in these (But keep using other people’s games and world instead)…

Post Apocalyptic. I flit between wanting Anthropomorphic animals in this or not (like After the Bomb). But there’s so many influences – Mad Max, Fall Out, Revolution (maybe not). Add in Zombies and it’s Resident Evil or Walking Dead!

Urban Horror. See Nightfall! But i also love Dresden Files. Mix in Underworld, True Blood and the world of Darkness and you have the idea.

Fantasy. This is my fave. But there’s too many influences. Bits of Exalted, Anima, Naruto, Pathfinder and Legend of the 5 Rings. Plus Battlechasers, Codex Alera, Game of Thrones…And Mostly tonnes of cool Art i’ve found on the Web. Every time i start planning anything in this world i change my mind and stop. And change it a bit and start again. How do Authors Manage? The only way i think i could cope is to do a world which isn’t set in stone…like Ravenloft. OR maybe i should just do bits of the world…not map it and play or write it…But i can’t manage without a map.

Wow, world building is hard. There’s a reason i normally play in licensed worlds. IF you read this – apologies for the waffle!



  1. Darryl · · Reply

    I am finding myself in a very similiar spot, I like C+ quite a bit and it’s my favourite set of rules. However I am waffling quite a bit on any sort of setting to play in. It’s driving me nuts. Watching summer blockbusters doesn’t help in the slightest either.

    1. I’ve been flitting around a setting for years. Write smething, run a session, chabge world…repeat…
      i’ve used strands, dnd, savage worlds, Anglerre…

      cortex is great because its so easy to model anything, so now instead of i’m having this and this, i’ve basically decided on anything goes class wise, and limited races.

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