Fantasy Heroic RP (cortex+)

Finally got the draft preview of fantasy heroic for MHR. has some cool additions to MHR and a bunch of optional rules. Need to stat some characters up before i commit to it. definetly happy with the monsters, but the Characters still lack stats and i find it hard to run a D&D clone without SDCIWC attributes. I need to look at the dice pools. A dwarf barbarian should be strong. But the barbarian pool probably has Weapon rather than strength, so strength wouldn’t get rolled. if attributes existed it would. but then a slightly different setup for a minotaur barbarian with attributes could result in 3 dice for strength.
basically do i want :
distinction, race, class, speciality (basic FHR)
Attribute, distinction, class, speciality (my hack)
distinction, race, class, speciality, gear (FHR optional)

I’m thinking the latter. But i really need to read it through proper, and see what other people make of it. ut currently its set up pretty close to how i did Mass Effect and I’m happy with that. makes me think my Eclipse phase hack might need a second go over though.


  1. Recently got my hands on the Cortex+ hackers guide with the Fantasy Heroic chapter, I don’t know that stats are necessary, so much of what is already available covers the whole of it. I personally don’t like to do Race and Class as power sets exclusively, but it works for when you’re trying for closer to clone than anything.

    If you were going to include stats, I think it’d take the place of affiliations (since I use a variant of affiliations) something like Tri-Stat for Body Mind Soul or Physical Social Mental might work as a stat system. If you wanted to split it into the big 6 you could, but that seems like you’d be stretching the system to include more dice than it’s intended to have at the get go.

    Just my thoughts though, your own Fantasy hack gave me a lot of insight before I got the hackers guide.

    1. The 4 were a deliberate choice. i don’t normally like combining 2 stats for mental (there is an exception) and i was riffing off Fable (might, skill, will) and added a fourth stat. Easy to change for your use though

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