My fantasy world…the beginning

The opening crawl to my WIP world…Subject to change!

Fantasy-fantasy-32757148-1920-1200 (1)
Long ago
Gods and Titans and Dragons fought. Both gave portions of their power to normal people to help them. The side of Good and Order won. The Evil gods, dragons and Titans were imprisoned or banished.
Then there was mostly peace. Countries fought, and The Evil Gifted caused problems, but without the Gods they could not triumph.

Thousands of years ago.
A group of Elves rebelled against the rest of elvish-kind to their practises being outlawed.. There was a massive war and the elves split up into many sub groups, never to be one people again.

Hundreds of years ago
The Dark elves devised a plan to free the evil gods. They made an alliance with other evil and chaotic peoples to change the world. They freed the evil gods, dragons and Titans and there was a second war. This time Evil prevailed at the cost of damaging the world, and letting other realms like shadow and chaos leak into the world. The Dark forces Then turned on the Gods and destroyed them, leaving themselves and their Dragon and Titan Allies as the power in the world.

The Dark lords rule the world. Some nations have rebelled and are free but they are few and far between. The Gods are gone, but people still have elements of the power granted in the first war. These people are known as the Gifted. The Dark lords try to corrupt or kill the Gifted to prevent them ever overthrowing their rules.

And so starts my new fantasy world. I’ve started this world many times, sometimes with writing, sometimes from a game POV, often just by a map. This time its simpler. This world can have all my favourite fantasy stuff and has none of the stuff i dislike. Well, excpet trollslayers, but i hate dwarfs so…

The next step should be to plan a hack for FHRP, then stat some characters. Then play it. Fingers crossed.

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