Initially i shyed away from statting the big guns of DC because plenty of others had done them on the MWP forums and on the thread ‘lost files of marvel’. But that thread is pretty dead and i don’t really check the MWP forums. Also with no updates to Exploring Infinity i have no idea if others are, although i do know Plot Points are doing some DC stuff now. So i figured why not do some more datafiles. It depends a lot on time…would be easier if the ipad was easier to write on…anyway, DCs dark knight…


batman by jim lee

batman by jim lee

BATMAN, Bruce Wayne

solo d10, buddy d8, team d6
The Dark Knight
The world’s greatest detective
Where does he get all those wonderful toys

Trained by the greatest teachers in the world

enhance reflexes d8, enhanced strength d8, enhanced strength d8, invisibility d6

sfx: Focus. If you include a trained… Power, remove 2 dice of equal size with one die 1 step larger.
limit Exhausted. Shut down one enhanced power and gain one PP. recover in transition scene on roll.
limit Invisibility is limited to shadows and darkness. (see d6 description)


Utility belt…and more

weapon d6, blast d6, swingline d6, flight d6 (gliding), wall crawling d6, Senses d6, Gadgets* d8, Durability d8
sfx Gadgets. Add a d6 and step up the effect die when using utility belt to create assets.
sfx Stun. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict stunned complications.
sfx Ensnared. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict ensnared complications.
limit Gear. Shutdown a power and gain 1 PP. recover on roll against doom pool.

Acrobatics Expert, Covert Master, Menace Master, Combat Master,Vehicle Expert, Crime Master, Business Expert, Tech Master d10, Science expert d8,

Protecting Gotham Cityjim-lee-batman
1 xp…Defeat a criminal
3 xp…prevent a criminal plot or job
10 xp…Kill one of the Batman Villains, or put them back in prison or Arkham*

The man behind the mask
1 xp…Have a normal interaction with someone as Bruce, not the Bat
3 xp…Start a new relationship or business dealing
10 xp…ignore a crime to be normal, or mess up a relationship or business deal to be Batman

*Gadgets is basically sorcery. You can’t account for all the bat gadgets, so this represents him being able to do a bunch of stuff with gadgets without having to stat each one.
*Batman does not kill. But he could and probably should have. The milestone reflects that choice.

there are many ways to alter this datafile. change the affiliations or distinctions, remove the enhanced powers, have a batmobile power set, other milestone and so on. But this should cover most cases pretty well.

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