Google Hangout Session


just ran a game on google hangout with one of my players. Since we both have young daughters and can’t leave the house we thought we’d try a RP session on hangout. Used Dicestream for die rolling and then Googledrive with sketchpads and note pages.

IT worked great. Sketchpad was useful to have images up for characters and a map. Then used objects like arrows etc as pointers, and text boxes for Complications, assets, stress and notes. Probably easier than playing on tabletop. Dice rolling was about the same as IRL – except didn’t get to use my fancy dice. Next time i might forego the dice app and just roll the dice in front of the camera – seems like a better use!

Anyway, if you’ve never tried it – give it a go. Worked really well, although with a lot of players i can imagine it being tricky.

Game wise – reasonable play-test. Removed a distinction and decided 20 points is probably too low for a half-decent character. And again it shows that Cortex+ (MHR/FHR) is very easy to run on the fly.


  1. I’m glad you had such a positive experience playing via Hangouts.

    1. i would reccomend it to anyone.

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