My Fantasy World : The Cortex Plus (FHR) Hack – Dice pool and Character Creation

Dice pool:

Attribute + Speciality + Distinction + Talent/Gift + Resources (+ sfx)

Uses standard MHR/FHR rules. (See Hackers Guide)

Character creation


Strength, Skill, Will, Wits (Only real departure from FHR. Wanted stats, but not a ton of)

Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6,

OR 2 at D10 and 2 at d6

OR 1 at d12, 1 at d8 and 2 at d6


High Concept, Trouble, 2 others


as FHR, see later post.


Either Talent main or Gift Main.

Talented can go up to d12 for Talents and Specialties, but only d8 for Gifts (powers)

Gifted can go up to d12 for powers, but only take d8 for talents and d10 for Specialties

Resources (possible rename?)

Gear and wealth/resources, locations, allies

Creation dice – choose 20 dice steps (d6=1,d8=2…) Across Specialties, Powers and Resources. Resources cost 1 step less (or 2 at d6 for 1 step) due to built-in limit, and ability to create resources in game.

Choose 3 sfx – can be split amongst power and resources.

Choose 1 limit, unless special in which case choose 2. Gear automatically has the Gear limit.


  • Dice steps can be spent on extra sfx.
  • 2 dice steps can be spent to increase one attribute die.
  • Start at higher levels of dice – 25, 30…

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