My Fantasy World : The World

The world

The Gifted world is huge. There are many areas and many nations. Most are controlled by the dark lords and their legions. Terrain is varied but does occur more frequently in certain parts.

Areas are not just separated by rivers, seas and mountain ranges. The other realms have leaked into the world creating areas of shadow, chaos or elemental wastes. These areas however can also be used to cross into the other realms and travel quickly across the world

Outer RegionsArctic Arctic Wastes Far NORTHWastes Mountains Mountains
Arctic Sea Inner RegionsArctic Sea North Mountains Forests and Mountains


WestPlains, Forest


Central regionPlains EastForests Far EASTForests
Sea Desert SouthDesert and Savannah Islands Jungles
Desert Islands Savannah Far SOUTHJungles and plains Swamps Islands

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