My World – The races

Main (playable) Races:


  • Dark
  • Shadow
  • Grey
  • Blood
  • Winter
  • High
  • Wood
  • Wild
  • Sea
  • Sky



  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • Mountain (NE)
  • Desert (SW)
  • Island (SE)
  • Snow (NW)

Animal People

  • Many – pretty much any mammal, some reptiles, few birds


  • Catch-all for anyone with part Other-Realm blood


  • Descendants of the Dragons

There are monstrous races but they do not exist in any large populations.

Very Elf and Human Centric, but i just don’t like so many other main fantasy races. If i want orc, i’ll just use Hog people with green paint – Voila, Orcs!

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