My Fantasy Game: First PC (Woodelf Ranger)


Asbak Mo-dar, Woodelf Ranger                                      Cost: (25) 11+4+10

Strength    d6
Skill       d10
Will        d8
Wits        d8

Woodelf Ranger
Hot headed
Take them all on
Gastro chef

Talented Ranger          
Ranged Combat Talent d10
Invisibility d6
Wolf Attack d10
Wolf Reflexes d8
Wolf Senses d8
SFX:Arrows and Claws: Add d6 to attack pool. Step down highest dice. Step up Physical Stress by +1.
SFX:Dual Attack.Use 2 or more Ranger Powers in a single pool for -1 step each.
Limit:The Wolf leaves. Shutdown the Wolf Powers for 1 PP. Recover in transition scene.

Compound Bow D10.
SFX:Snare Arrows. Add a d6. Stup up effect die when inflicting snared complications
Falchion d8.
Leather Armour d6.
Resources d6.
All GEAR has GEAR limit (shutdown power for 1PP. recover on opportunity or roll vs doom pool)

Acrobatics Rookie d6, Melee Combat Expert d8, Ranged Combat Master d10, Scouting Expert d8, Skullduggery Expert d8

1xp When you talk about cooking at an inappropriate time.
3xp First time you cook in a scene.
10xp When you finally earn enough coin to open a gastro inn, or give up cooking altogether.

1xp When you talk about the plight of the wood elves and/or your dead clan.
3xp When you defeat any of the Torak Morr Clan who were responsible for killing your clan
10xp When you get final vengeance on your clans killers or come to terms with it

Comments (1) Character worked pretty well. Mixing pet and bow talent was odd, but creating a third power set would be OTT and narratively it worked fine. The Wolf felt like a second character, but was part of the PC’s dice pool. Character is OP with the bow, but UP when not using it (melee/close quarters). May change dual attack sfx to allow a second effect die.

P.S. Yes i know the picture is a Human Female Orboros Warlock from Hordes, but the player picked it. Odd, since they have actually played Hordes using those 2 models!! Ironically later in the game i was trying to find a female druid picture and all i got were wood elf archers.

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