There’s quite a few versions of Cyborg. The original 80s version, the 90s mentor to the new Teen Titans, the 00s anime version, the Flashpoint version and now the new 52 version where cyborg is part of the JLA. The stats will pretty much work for any of these but the distinctions and milestones will be geared towards the newer version/s. I may do the mentor version at another time.

Cyborg ( VictoCyborg_0003r Stone)

Solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10

Man and Machine
Potentially America’s greatest Hero
Courageous Cyborg Adventurer

Cyborg Body

Superhuman Strength d10
Superhuman Senses d10
Superhuman Stamina d10
Superhuman Durability d10
Enhanced Speed and Leaping d8
Flight d8
Technology Influence d6
Blast d8
Teleport d8
SFX: Regenerate. As MHR.
SFX: White Sound Blaster. Add a d6 and step-up effect die to inflict sonic based complications.
SFX: White Sound Spread. Add a d6 to the roll and an effect die for each additional target.
SFX/Limit Boomtube. Teleport is capable of transporting Cyborg and others huge distances (d12) but can only be used in a transition scene or at start/end of a scene
SFX: Boost. as MHR.
Limit: Overload. Turn a Cyborg power into a complication and gain 1PP. Regain on roll v Doom Pool or in transition scene.
Limit: Drained. Shut-down a cyborg power, or step down 3, and gain 1PP. Regain in transition scene.

Combat Expert d8, Tech Master d10, Science Expert d8

Man or Machine?
1xp…The first time in a scene When some comments on your cyborgness
3xp…When you gain a PP from the overload limit.
10xp…When you accept that you are still Human, or remove the parts of your brain which make you Victor Stone.

Greatest Superhero (in another world)
1xp…when you defeat a villain or save an innocent
3xp…when you use 4 different powers in one scene
10xp…when the public acknowledge you as one of the worlds greatest heroes or you die trying

Cyborg is quite versatile really. I could have gone with stuff about being a rookie, or being rebuilt, and thats before adding mentor stuff from pre-new 52.

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