Green Lantern

Since I was doing the new JLA I thought i should also put up Hal in a separate post., with a few alterations and the ring added in. If you’re looking for the other GLs or a more experienced Hal, Try here.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Solo d10/ Buddy d8/ Team d6jla2

“The Right Stuff”
Green Lantern of Sector 2814

Green Lantern Power Ring

Godlike Flight d12
Superhuman Durability d10 (force field)
Superhuman Senses d10
Telekinesis d12
Solid Light Mastery d12
Blast d10
Cosmic Mastery d10 (As speciality – For Information)

SFX: Multipower
SFX: Versatile
SFX: Invulnerable.
SFX: Immunity – Life Support.
SFX: Constructs.
SFX: Afflict. Add d6 and step up effect die for trapped, entangled or similar complications.
Limit: Recharge. Shutdown Power Ring and Gain 1PP. Recharge in transition scene.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown Power Ring and Gain 1PP. Recover on opportunity or roll v Doom Pool.
Limit: Fuelled by Will. If a Ring bearer has taken emotional trauma which would affect their will the ring will not work at all. If a Ring bearer takes emotional stress related to a lack of willpower (Fear, Anger, Doubt) Step down the ring powers for every 2 full steps of emotional stress. so d6/d8 stress would knock 1 steps off the powers, d10/d12 would take 2.

gl3Combat Expert d8, Vehicles Master d10


1xp…when you charge into a fight
3xp…when you first take stress in a scene
10 xp…when you learn to work with others to overcome a great threat, or do it solo at great cost to yourself.

No Responsibilities

1xp…when you make a flippant remark about having no ties or problems (whether its true or not)
3xp…when you forget a date, miss an occasion or something else slack
10xp…when you finally make a commitment (To Carol or someone else important) or break off all ties and concentrate on being a lantern or pack it all in and be a bum.


  1. This as well as your other DC write-ups are spot-on. I saw this link off of Great job!

    1. wow thanks. positive feedback is very much appreciated.

  2. Mario Torralba · · Reply

    Uh…those milestones make zero sense…did Hal Jordan get hit on the head and turn into an ass? Like Guy Gardner’s head injury in reverse?

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