Aquaman is always preseneted as a bit of a joke which seems a bit unfair. He is very powerful, commands a massive nation, yet because he has some water associated powers people constantly make jokes about how he is useless. Guess his old green and orange didn’t help.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry, King Orin)

Solo d10, Buddy d10, Team d6

King of Atlantis
Fierce and stubborn Fighter
Protector of the seven seas

Atlantean Heritage
Superhuman Strength d10
Enhanced stamina d8
Enhanced swimming d8
enhanced Reflexes d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Marine Telepathy d10
Enhanced Senses d6
SFX: summon marine life. When creating marine life asset, double Telepathy, use two effect die to create multiple assets or a LST asset.
SFX: summon marine horde. When creating marine life mob asset, add 3d6 to pool, take upto 5 effect die all as d6.
SFX: underwater immunity. As MHR, immunity to cold, pressure, drowning.
SFX: Underwater Fighter. If fighting in an aquatic environment, Use two Powers in a die pool.
Limit. Dehydration. If out of water for an extended period, shutdown powerset, stepup mental and physical stress and gain 1PP.

Atlantean Armoury
The King’s Trident; blast d8, weapon d8
Armour; durability d8
Limit: Gear. As MHR.

Combat Expert d8, Acrobatics Expert d8, Menace Master d8

1xp…when someone reminds you of a responsibility.
3xp…when you have to choose one world over another.
10xp…when you cut off ties to one world for the other.

The Warrior King
1xp…when you defeat an enemy
3xp…when you defeat an attack on Atlantis
10xp…when you defeat a fellow hero in defence of Atlantis, or give up the Crown.

AC could easily have had other distinctions; family man, son of two worlds, weighed down by duty, Responsibility…

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