Ah, the JLA. Like the avengers some versions are great some, not so much. The difference here is that DCs biggest heroes are the core of the JLA, while the Avengers (until the movies) were more stand alone from their most popular characters. with the new 52 the JLA were relaunched, going back to the core members but adding Cyborg. I’ve statted all them (see links below) and now present some JLA milestones – which i’ve never attempted before.



JLA Members




JLA Milestones

New Beginnings
1xp…when you insult another member, or say how you can do it alone
3xp…when you use a team or buddy die for the first time in a scene
10xp…when you formally join the team, or refuse to join.

Stronger together
1xp…when you use a die created by a team member (asset, complication or stress)
3xp…when you defeat an enemy where another team member inflicted some of the stress
10xp…when you take down a threat that no individual member could alone, or fail in the attempt.

Like the time in…
1xp…when you reference an old event (wether it was played or just backstory)
3xp…when you use a die created by a team member (asset, complication or stress) to take-out an enemy
10xp…when you eliminate a threat that only exists because of the team’s previous success, or fail in the atempt.

Note – these aren’t really JLA specific – they would work for any team.

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