The Flash


Another character with multiple characts to take the name, but i’m going to use the most iconic, and the current Flash, Barry Allen. I’m not much of a Flash Fan despite enjoying the old TV show. I like the character, but somehow he seems to always be underpowered. I mean, he’s super fast right, but he’s fighting some of the worst villains written. supes has a similar problem I guess. I’ve added in some of the stunts Barry is capable of, feel free to remove them.

The Flash (Barry Allen)

Solo d10, buddy d6, Team d8

Fastest man alive
Police Scientist

Speed d12
Superhuman Reflexes d12
Air Control d8
Intangibility d6
SFX: Initiative. The Flash always gets the choice of going first.
SFX: Run… Speed can be used to move on water and vertical surfaces, but only while moving.
SFX: Multi-attack. Add a d6 and step down Used power by 1 or 2 steps. Add 1 effect die, plus 1 per step given up.
Limit: Speed Force. Turn a power into a complication. Gain 1PP. Recover on Transition Scene.

Crime Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Tech Expert d8

Rogues Gallery
1xp… when defeat a criminal
3xp… when defeat one of Flashes Rogues
10xp… when a Rogue turns from crime completely or dies trying.

Fastest and the slowest
1xp…when Flash misses a joke, reference or comment
3xp…when you are late for work, a date or an appointment
10xp…when you make a proper commitment to a loved one or sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

I’ve deviated a it from the only published MHR speedster Speed. The idea being he can do a lot of punches to 1 enemy or a few to multiple.

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