The Joker

Do I need to say anything? The Joker has been portrayed memorably many times on screen as well as in comics. When i think Joker though, I probably think the Arkham Games. But wherever he pops up, he’s pretty much the same.

Joker-gunThe Joker
Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6

Clown Prince of Crime
Totally Insane Sociopath
Life is one big joke

Brilliant and devious Mind
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Joker’s Mind d8 (used to represent tricks, traps or plans set-up in advance)
SFX: Fooled you. Add a d6 and step-up Joker’s Mind to create any complication that could have been set-up in advance.
SFX: That’s not really me Bats Spent a die from the doom pool when stressed out to reveal ‘The Joker’ as a double, the real Joker watching safely from afar.
Limit: Tantrum Step up emotional trauma and add die to doom pool.

Joker’s Toys
Weapon d6
Blast d8 (gun or Acid squirt)
Toys d6 (works like gadgets or sorcery)
SFX: Buzzer add a d6 and Step up weapon die to inflict shocked complication.
SFX: Blinded add a d6 and Step up weapon or blast die to inflict blinded complication.
SFX: marbles add a d6 and step up Toys die to inflict marbles on floor complication.
SFX: Joker Toxin add a d6 and step down Blast. Double effect die, inflicting one as stress and one as a poisoned complication. Stress steps up by one each round the complication is not removed
Limit: Gear. as MHR.

Crime Master, Menace Master, Psych Expert, Combat expert, Covert Expert

Joker shouldn’t really be used in combat, there should really be plots and traps, henchmen and lackeys, mercenaries and assassins. If the heroes are fighting Joker in a fair fight, something went wrong.
Possible swaps for distinctions could be: Brilliant and devious, Unpredictable, Pushing the Bat’s buttons…

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