Fantasica Hack (and other games)

For the past week i’ve been playing Fantasica on android and a bunch of other mobage games. Fantasica is interesting as it matches up well with the MHR 3 affiliations. There are 3 attack stats (Ground, Air, Sea), 3 classes (melee, ranged, magic), 3 misc stats (speed, range, cost)  and a handful of special abilities. The characters are also wide and varied, similar to my Fantasy Hack.

Here’s how i will handle the hack:

  • The 3 attack stats work as affiliations. Characters can be good at all 3 or better at one than another.
  • The 3 classes will be represented by a power set- so Melee is weapon, ranged is blast and magic is blast or weapon. Characters also get a 2nd equipment power based on armour or secondary weapons.
  • The various powers work as SFX on the power set.
  • Characters have 3 distinctions
  • Speed, range and cost are ignored unless the speed is high in which case the get a reflexes power.
  • Characters also get a dice for quality (i.e. rarity).
  • Finally characters can choose specialties from FHR, starting at d6.

There needs to be a way to show the characters getting more powerful as they level up. There are a few possibilities:

  • there is a level die, starting at d6 and going up, possibly in multiple dice
  • Attributes, which start low and go up
  • Simply increase the attack die
  • a combination of both

I think there needs to be an attribute die to take the game from the simple game it is to a TT RPG. And the level can affect the attack die – since thats all level does in the game.

So the dice sit at:

  • Quality die
  • Attribute die
  • Attack die (combat only)
  • Class power set
  • Speciality
  • Distinction

Which is one more than MHR, but only by a single die, and there is only one simple power set.

Creating and converting characters

Dice Creation Conversion
Quality Start at 4*Or higher if watcher allows. * = d4**/*** = d6

**** = d8

***** = d10

****** = d12






All start at d4.8 steps to spend

(6,6,6,8,10 / 4,6,8,8,10)


S d12
AB d 10
C d8
D d6
E d4
Rest d6, except:
Melee – Strength d10, Will d8
Ranged – Skill d10, Wits s8
Magic Melee – Strength d8, Will d10
Magic Ranged – Will d10, Wits d8

Attack Choose:d8, d8, d8 – equal

d6,d8,d10 – balanced

d4,d6,d12 – extreme

d4,d10,d10 – split

Set based on starting stats:2000+ d12+d6

1000+ d12
600+ d10
250+ d8
>0 d6
0 d4

Distinctions 3 3 – 1 from title, 1 from text, 1 from appearance
Class Choose attack power at d10, second power at d8, 1 SFX, 1 limit


Attack Powers:

Melee Weapon
Ranged Blast
Magic Weapon
Magic Blast

Second Powers:
As above
* Control


As creation, based on class and power. If no power choose a defensive SFX. Choose appropriate 2nd Power.
Area attack
Afflict (slow, Poison, knockback)
Counter attack
Second wind
Second chance


Speciality From FHR list.

Choose 2 at d8 and 2 at d6.

Melee – Combat expert d8

Ranged – Ranged expert d8

Magic – Mystic expert d8

Choose one other at d8 and d6


File:Emily card.jpgEmily card back.jpg

Quality * d4
Strength d6, Skill d6, Will d10, Speed d6, Wits d8
Attack Land d8, Air d6, Sea d6
Holy sister, Love and Compassion, Mastery of Spirits
Mystic Expert d8, Healing Expert d8, Lore d6
Magic Magic icon.png
Magic Blast d10
Spirit Control d8
SFX: Spirits. Create spirit assets.
Limit: Exhausted.

Constance card.jpgConstance card back.jpg

Quality ****** d12
Strength d10, Skill d6, Will d8, Speed d10, Wits d6
Attack Land d12+d6, Air d12, Sea d12+d6
Crimson Sword, Gets her own Way, Uses her Body as a weapon
Melee Expert d8, Diplomacy Expert d8, Skullduggery d6
Melee Melee icon.png
Melee Weapon d10
Mind Control d8
SFX: Poison
Limit: Men! Mind control only works on men who can see Constance.

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