So after a short break, more Bat characters. Just finished reading Death of the Family and it was no help with Dick at all! Trying to do his affiliations is impossible, so feel free to change them.

nightwing1Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
Solo d8, buddy d6, team d10

One of the greatest living Acrobats
Natural Leader
Knows virtually everyone in the superhero community

Trained since childhood
Reflexes d8, Stamina d8
SFX: Trained. Replace 2 dice of same level with one die a step higher.
Limit Exhausted. As MHR.

Escrima stick: Weapon d8,
Gear : blast d6, swingline d6, wall crawling d6, Senses d6, Gadgets* d6, Durability d6
Motorbike: Speed d8, Durability d8.
sfx Gadgets. Add a d6 and step up the effect die when using Equipment to create assets.
sfx Taser Stun. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict stunned complications.
sfx Ensnared. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict ensnared complications.
limit Gear. Shutdown a power and gain 1 PP. recover on roll against doom pool.

Combat Expert d8, Acrobatics Master d10, Covert Master d8, Tech Expert d8, Crime Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Vehicle Expert d8

nightwing-1-cover-artGrown up a superhero
1xp…when mention being robin or meeting someone as a kid
3xp…when use team or buddy with another superheo
10xp…when take leadership of a team, become Batman or walk away from superheroics

I’m my own Man now Bruce
1xp…when defeat a bad baddy lacky
3xp…when thwart the scheme of a bad baddy
10xp…when Bruce finally accepts you as an equal, or you make him

Possible other distinctions: Sense of humour, has overcome need for vengeance, Batman in waiting…

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